Pushing athletes to control the core of their mind, body and soul.


We teach athletes to focus on lengthening the muscles they strengthen in their normal conditioning and training.  We understand the agility and core balance needed in athletic sports movements.

We teach professional and student athletes how to breath with their movements while painting focus and mental strength. We focus on driving backwards, not just forward like most athletic training, which directly impacts and reduces athletic injuries. We teach you how to understand your performance on a deeper level, by learning to listen and see the sculpted difference in your body's performance. 


Class Types

Core Ashtanga - Introductory class that focuses on strength and breath in posture in a meditative state. Best for daily morning practice. 

Core Yin - Focus on deep stretch poses that elongate the muscles. Best for athlete pre-game preparation.

Core Vin - Focus on breathing with quick and fast movements. Best for athletes during training or off-season.

Core Burn - A combination of vin and Ashtanga that focuses on meditation while moving fast and maintaining a slow paced breath.

Each class teaches the importance of breath with movement while focusing on the meditative state necessary to increase performance at intense levels. For athletes, this brings them to physical and mental edge that puts them at the center of victory and allows them to dig through layers of strength with each breath that make defeat unfathomable. The breathing techniques taught instill the Yoga For The Core principle,a balanced mine, assisted breath and laser sharp focus allow you to prevail in any moment encountered.