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Mind. Body. Beats.


"Craft moments that build strength and appreciation for every stepping stone on this journey called life."



Yoga allows you to find clarity and sensation in every day moments. It's not just about the practice of yoga, it's about crafting a mindset that helps you protect your sanity and understand the importance of every moment and every decision daily. 

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Massage therapy is an artistry. Our minds have cravings that create stress and weight on our shoulders that we fail to realize we are carrying. Each massage treatment is a custom designed experience that is physically lasting, jaw dropping and emotionally liberating to show clients that the process should be just as rewarding as the end result.

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Music provides vibrtions throughout the body that help calm and settle you internally to release endorphins. The usage of smooth rhythmic upbeat music during massages, and loud trap music during yoga classes plays a big role in pushing your focus to every muscle and every moment during each experience.

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From coaching Detroit PAL Football to teaching meditation at the Downtown Boxing Gym, dedicated to changing the minds of the future. 

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